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New items added FEBRUARY 2020

AuthorTitleCall No.
Alaska Magazine.2020 February
Art Journaling2020 January
Better Homes And Gardens.2020 February
Better Homes And Gardens.2020 March
Birds & Blooms.2020 February/March
Bon Appétit.2020 March
Canada's History Magazine2020 February
Canadian Geographic.2020 January/February
Ceramics Monthly Magazine.2020 February
Chatelaine2020 January/February
Cook's Illustrated Magazine.2020 January/February
Digital Camera.2020 February
Dwell : At Home In The Modern World2020 January/February
Fine Cooking Magazine.2020 February
Fine Woodworking Magazine.2020 February
Fly Tyer2020 January
Flying World's Most Widely Read Aviation Magazine.2020 March
Fortune Magazine.2020 February
Harper's Magazine.2020 February
Harper's Magazine.2020 January
Harper's Magazine.2020 March
Hello! Canada2020 February 10
Hello! Canada2020 February 17
Hello! Canada2020 February 20
Hello! Canada2020 February 3
Instyle Magazine.2020 February
Instyle Magazine.2020 March
Love Of Quilting.2020 January/February
Love Of Quilting.2020 March/April
Maclean's Magazine.2020 March
Mother Earth News2020 February/March
National Geographic Magazine2020 February
O, The Oprah Magazine.2020 January
O, The Oprah Magazine.2020 March
People Magazine2020 February 10
People Magazine2020 February 17
People Magazine2020 February 24
People Magazine2020 February 3
People Magazine2020 January 27
Popular Science2020 March
Reader's Digest - Large Print2020 February
Reader's Digest - Large Print2020 March
Reader's Digest Magazine.2020 January/February
Reminisce Magazine.2020 February/March
Rider Magazine.2020 February
Rolling Stone2020 February
Science News.2020 December/January
Science News.2020 January 18
Scientific American Magazine.2020 February
Shape Magazine.2020 March
Sunset Magazine2020 January/February
The Economist Magazine.2020 February 1
The Economist Magazine.2020 February 15
The Economist Magazine.2020 February 8
The Hockey News.2020 February 18
The Hockey News.2020 January 28
The New Yorker Magazine.2020 February
The New Yorker Magazine.2020 February 17
The New Yorker Magazine.2020 January 27
Us Weekly.2020 February 10
Us Weekly.2020 February 17
Us Weekly.2020 February 3
Us Weekly.2020 January 20
Us Weekly.2020 January 27
Vogue Magazine.2020 February
Wordworks : The Journal Of The Federation Of British Columbia Writers2020 January
Writer's Digest.2020 March
Yoga Journal.2020 March/April