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New items added in DECEMBER 2019

AuthorTitleCall No.
Alaska Magazine.2019 June
Alaska Magazine.2019 July/August
Alaska Magazine.2019 December/January
British Columbia Magazine.2019 December
Canadian Geographic.2019 November/December
Ceramics Monthly Magazine.2019 October 29
Ceramics Monthly Magazine.2019 December
Coast Mountain Culture Magazine2019 December
Eating Well : Where Good Taste Meets Good Health2019 December
Fine Cooking Magazine.2019/2020 December/January
Fine Homebuilding Magazine.2020 January
Flying World's Most Widely Read Aviation Magazine.2020 January/February
Fortune Magazine.2019 December
Good Housekeeping Magazine.2019 December
Hello! Canada2019 December 9
Hello! Canada2019 December 2
Hello! Canada2019 December 16
Instyle Magazine.2019 December
Maclean's Magazine.2020 January
Mccall's Quilting Magazine.2020 January/February
Mother Earth Living2019 November/December
National Geographic Magazine2019 December
People Magazine2019 November 25
People Magazine2019 December 9
People Magazine2019 December 23
People Magazine2019 December 2
People Magazine2019 December 16
Popular Mechanics2019 December
Rider Magazine.2019 December
Road And Track Magazine.2019 December
Rolling Stone2019 December
Science News.2019 November 23
The Artist's Magazine.2020 January/February
The Economist Magazine.2019 November 30
The Economist Magazine.2019 November 23
The Economist Magazine.2019 December 7
The Economist Magazine.2019 December 14
The Hockey News.2020 January
The Hockey News.2019 December
The New Yorker Magazine.2019 December 9
The New Yorker Magazine.2019 November 25
The New Yorker Magazine.2019 December 2
The New Yorker Magazine.2019 December 16
Us Weekly.2019 November 25
Us Weekly.2019 December 16
Us Weekly.2019 December 2
Us Weekly.2019 December 9
Vogue Magazine.2020 January
Vogue Magazine.2019 December
Zoomer Canada : For 40s 50s 60s 70s 80s Plus2020 January/February