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New items added in November 2018

AuthorTitleCall No.
Sagendorf, Bud"i Hates Bullies" And More!J SAG
Anderson, TedAdventure Time. Beginning Of The EndJ ADV
Angry Birds. Flight SchoolJ ANG
Archie's Big Book. Volume 2 FantasyJ ARC
Van Horn, WilliamDucktales Classics. Volume 1J DON
Jim Henson's Labyrinth. Volume One ShortcutsJ HEN
Hale, Nathan 1976-Lafayette! : A Revolutionary War TaleJ HAL
Archie Superstars.Life With Archie, Vol. 1j ARC
Grayson, Devin K.Marvel RisingJ GRA
Weiser, Joey 1983-Mermin. Book Five Making WavesJ WEI
Wharton, EllieMichael Recycle's Environmental AdventuresJ WHA
Miraculous, Adventures Of Ladybug & Cat Noir. 1 The Trash KrakkenJ MIR
Borges, GustavoPetals = PetalasJ BOR
Sagendorf, BudPopeye Classics. Volume 11 'the Giant' And More!J SAG
Kraft, GraceSteven Universe. Field ResearchingJ STE
The Best Of Archie Americana : Bronze Age 1980s-1990sJ ARC
The Big Sneeze.J DON
Walt Disney's Mickey Mouse : Timeless TalesJ WAL