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New items added in JULY 2019

AuthorTitleCall No.
Miller, Shannon (shannon Mcclintock)A Coding MissionJ MIL
Adventure Time. Volume 5 Sugary ShortsJ ADV
Archie Superstars (cor)Archie's Big Book 6 : High School YearbookJ ARC
Kuhn, Sarah (author)Barbie 3 In 1J KUH
Scarpa, RomanoDonald Duck : Duck Avenger Strikes AgainJ DON
Artibani, FrancescoDuck Avenger. V.3 New AdventuresJ DUC
Garfield By Jim Davis : Snack Pack Volume TwoJ DAV
Monster, Sfé R.MinecraftJ MIN
Sousa, Mauricio De 1935-Monica Adventures. #1 Who Can Afford The Price Of Friendship Today?!J SOU
Kawamoto, KemonPok©?mon The Movie. The Power Of Us. Zeraora's StoryJ POK
Hastings, Chris 1983-Regular Show : 25 Years LaterJ REG
Mckeever, SeanSpider-man Loves Mary Jane. The Real ThingJ SPI
Scott, CavanStar Wars Adventures. Tales From Vader's CastleJ STA
PeyoThe Gambling Smurfs : A Smurfs Graphic NovelJ PEY