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1878 – 1955

"George Little," founder of Terrace was born on November 9, 1878 on a farm near Attwood, Ontario. His parents were John and Helen Little.

It was on March 10, 1905 that George Little first camped on the shore of the Skeena River, at Little Canyon (he arrived in Terrace by walking over the Kitimat Trail on snowshoes). He had become tired of the hustle and bustle of the Yukon Gold Rush in ’98, and was headed for the Bulkley Valley of which he had heard. But as he gazed over the beautiful Skeena and Kitsumkallum Valleys, decked in spring finery, he knew this was what he was searching for and stayed.

When the government threw this land open for sale in 1905 George Little, the Founder of Terrace, staked his claim on acres of the heavily wooded timberland, including the site on which Terrace now stands today.

June 26, 1912 - George Little married his wife "Clara Beste"

They had 5 children:
"Dudley" June 9, 1914
Twins "Dorothy & Clara’ May 19, 1916
"Gordon" Jan. 22, 1921
"Edith" April 15, 1922
Mrs. Little and children. Clara Beste Little



Nearly one year before his death, January 14, 1955, George Little rode the first C.N.R train to make the Terrace – Kitimat run over the route that he first snowshoed nearly half a century earlier.

"George Little", Founder of Terrace, died of a heart attack on the 30th of December, 1955.

By "Yvonne Marie Moen"


Taken in 1966 in the George Little Memorial Park
Founder of Terrace's Children
Edith Kawinsky, Gordon, Dudley, and twins Dorothy and Clara

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