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October is Library Month - we are celebrating by launching a new online book club!

2020 has been the year of doing things differently- so we've created a different kind of book club, and we've started it in October to celebrate Library month!

Each session of Choice Books will be based on a specific theme, with members reading and sharing different books that fit the theme. Books could be chosen from the Library's collection, either in print or online, or a title from a member's own collection that suits.

Like a typical book club, members will still have opportunity to explore books and subjects they may not have found on their own. But instead of delving deep into one specific book, members will be sharing about different authors, titles, and subjects under a unifying concept. We hope that at each meeting, members leave with lots of ideas for future reading!

Choice Books is open to anyone who has a Library card within our Northwest Library Federation. Book Club members will receive a special curated list of book titles for each themed session. We will meet on the Zoom platform in an evening session to share our discoveries, (likes, dislikes and learnings), about what we've read.

The first theme of Choice Books is Fall Reads. Books set in the fall season, spooky stories, and books about writers and libraries to celebrate Library Month!

The discussion will be held at 7:00pm, Nov. 12th, 2020.