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New items added in 2020

AuthorTitleCall No.
Lee, Mark 1950-20 Big Trucks In The Middle Of The StreetE LEE
Yang, Kao Kalia 1980-A Map Into The WorldE YAN
Funk, JoshAlbie NewtonE FUN
Schmidt, Gary D.Almost TimeE SCH
Hill, Kelly 1972-Anne's AlphabetBB HIL
Hill, Kelly 1972-Anne's FeelingsBB HIL
Milner, CharlotteB Is For BeeBB MIL
Lies, BrianBats At The LibraryE LIE
Munsch, Robert N. 1945-Braids!E MUN
Crow, KatrineButtsBB CRO
Carle, EricCan You Guess? : Animals : With The Very Hungry CaterpillarBB CAR
Highway, Tomson 1951-Caribou SongE HIG
Derting, KimberlyCece Loves ScienceE DER
Thomson, Bill 1963-ChalkE THO
Baker, DawnCommander Gander Goes To Come From AwayE BAK
Willis, JeanneDon't Go There!E WIL
Lindström, Eva 1952-Everyone Walks WayE LIN
Spires, Ashley 1978-Fairy ScienceE SPI
Waddell, MartinFarmer DuckE WAD
Cotter, BillFive Little Monsters Jumping On The BedBB COT
Levine, Sara.Flower Talk : How Plants Use Color To CommunicateE LEV
Carle, EricFriendsOS E CAR
Capucilli, Alyssa Satin 1957-Hand In HandBB CAP
Yolen, JaneHow Do Dinosaurs Get Well Soon?OS E YOL
Yolen, JaneHow Do Dinosaurs Go To School?OS E YOL
Peet, Rosie.How To Be A NinjaPB E PEE
Cyrus, KurtInvisible Lizard In LoveE CYR
Funk, JoshLady Pancake & Sir French ToastE FUN
Van Camp, Richard 1971-May We Have Enough To ShareBB VAN
Arnold, Marsha DianeMine. Yours.E ARN
Green, John F. (john Frederick) 1943-Miss Mildred Meets The Bare-naked OwlE GRE
Madonna 1958-Mr. Peabody's ApplesE MAD
Powell, Tina 1962-Peter's Poofect PetE POW
Lesage, MarlaPirate Year RoundE LES
Dennis, KathrynSnakes On The JobE DEN
Dealey, ErinSnow Globe WishesE DEA
Fernandez, Caroline.Stop Reading This Book!E FER
Gauthier, ClaytonThe Bear's Medicine = Sus YooE GAU
Funk, JoshThe Case Of The Stinky StenchE FUN
Donald, AlisonThe Spacesuit : How A Seamstress Helped Put Man On The MoonE DON
Howitt, Mary Botham 1799-1888The Spider And The FlyE HOW
Henderson, JudithThe Traveling DustballE HEN
Messier, Mireille 1971-TreasureE MES
Colley, Kate 1974-Winter Days Spring DaysBB COL