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New items added in 2020

AuthorTitleCall No.
Earthflight.DVD 598 EAR
Tuck, Steven L.Experiencing Rome A Visual Exploration Of Antiquity's Greatest EmpireDVD 937 TUC
Life In The World's OceansDVD 577.7 TOD
Madagascar The Land Where Evolution Ran WildDVD 590.9691 MAD
Marianne & Leonard Words Of LoveDVD 782.4216 MAR
Truth, Duty, Valour The Canadian Military At Their BestDVD 355.4 TRU
Wild Brazil : Land Of Fire And FloodDVD 598. 09 WIL
Wild China A Land Of History, Mystery And Extraordinary DiversityDVD 508.51 WIL
Cochran, Ford.Wonders Of The National Parks A Geology Of North AmericaDVD 557.3 COC