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New items added in 2020

AuthorTitleCall No.
Starks, KyleAssassin Nation. 1 Number One With A BulletSTA
Kirkman, RobertDie!die!die!DIE
Millar, Mark.Jupiter's Circle. Book OneJUP
Millar, Mark.Jupiter's Circle. Book TwoJUP
Liu, Marjorie M.Monstress. Volume Four The ChosenMON
Kirkman, RobertOblivion Song. Chapter ThreeOBL
Kirkman, Robert.Oblivion Song. Chapter TwoOBL
Kirkman, RobertOutcast. Volume 7 The Darkness GrowsOUT
Vaughan, Brian K.Paper Girls. 6PAP
Remender, Rick.Seven To Eternity. Vol. 3 Rise To FallSEV
Kirkman, Robert.The Walking Dead. Volume 32 Rest In PeaceKIR