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New items October, 2021

AuthorTitleCall No.
Thompson, Kelly 1976-Captain Marvel. Vol. 5 The New WorldCAP
Mantlo, BillCloak And Dagger. Lost And FoundCLO
Ahmed, SaladinConan. Battle For The Serpent CrownCON
Hickman, JonathanDawn Of X. Volume 16DAW
Empyre. Road To EmpyreEMP
Thomas, Roy 1940-Incredible Hulk : Epic Collection Volume 5, 1971-1972 Who Will Judge The Hulk?HUL
Priest, Christopher J. (christopher James) 1961-John Walker, U.s.agent American ZealotPRI
Ewing, AlReign Of X. Volume 1REI
Cates, DonnySilver Surfer. BlackSIL
Kaminski, LenSpider-man. The Road To VenomSPI
Pacheco, KarlaSpider-woman. 2 King In BlackSPI
Star Wars Legends. Vol. 4 The Old RepublicSTA
Aaron, JasonStar Wars. From The Journals Of Obi-wan KenobiSTA
Ewing, AlThe Guardians Of The Galaxy. Vol. 2 Here We Make Our StandGUA
The Mighty Thor And The Eternals : The Celestials SagaTHO
Gillen, KieronWarhammer 40,000. Marneus CalgarWAR