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New items May 2023

AuthorTitleCall No.
Porter, Michelle (poet)A Grandmother Begins The Story : A NovelPOR
Bishop, EvA Not So Distant ShoreBIS
Brideau, LisaAdrift : A NovelBRI
Thayer, Nancy 1943-All The Days Of Summer : A NovelTHA
Rosenblum, EmmaBad Summer PeopleROS
Archer, Jeffrey 1940-Be Careful What You Wish ForARC
Paul, Crystal SmithDid You Hear About Kitty Karr? : A NovelPAU
Gawthrop, DanielDouble Karma : A NovelGAW
Kalla, DanielFit To Die : A ThrillerQR KAL
Kalla, DanielFit To Die : A ThrillerKAL
Paolini, ChristopherFractal NoiseQR PAO
Paolini, ChristopherFractal NoisePAO
Henry, EmilyHappy PlaceQR HEN
Henry, EmilyHappy PlaceHEN
Muller, MarciaIce And StoneMUL
Smith, Martin Cruz 1942-Independence SquareSMI
Varadarajan, DeepaLate Bloomers : A NovelVAR
Fortune, CarleyMeet Me At The Lake : A NovelFOR
Huang, Ling Ling 1989-Natural Beauty : A NovelHUA
Hoover, ColleenNever Never : A NovelHOO
Bauermeister, EricaNo Two PersonsBAU
Toon, Paige 1975-Only Love Can Hurt Like This : A NovelTOO
Quinn, Julia 1970-Queen CharlotteQUI
Doctorow, CoryRed Team BluesDOC
Base, RonScandal At The SavoyBAS
Cogman, GenevieveScarletCOG
Porter, MaxShy : A NovelPOR
Pochoda, IvySing Her Down : A NovelPOC
Snyder, Lucy A. 1971-Sister, Maiden, MonsterSNY
Hoover, Colleen.Slammed : A NovelHOO
Lehane, DennisSmall Mercies : A NovelLEH
Robinson, Peter 1950-2022Standing In The ShadowsROB
Barry, DaveSwamp Story : A NovelBAR
Patterson, James 1947-The 23rd MidnightQR PAT
Patterson, James 1947-The 23rd MidnightPAT
Quick, AmandaThe Bride Wore WhiteQUI
Brammer, MikkiThe Collected Regrets Of Clover : A NovelBRA
Verghese, Abraham 1955-The Covenant Of Water : A NovelVER
Penny, LouiseThe Cruellest MonthPEN
Arnaldur Indrišason 1961-The Darkness KnowsARN
Cronin, JustinThe Ferryman : A NovelCRO
Arnaldur Indrišason 1961-The Girl By The BridgeARN
Cline, EmmaThe Guest : A NovelCLI
Keane, Mary BethThe Half Moon : A NovelQR KEA
Keane, Mary BethThe Half Moon : A NovelKEA
Griffiths, EllyThe Last RemainsGRI
Adams, TaylorThe Last Word : A NovelADA
Baker, JoThe Midnight News : A NovelBAK
Manuel, JenniferThe Morning Bell Brings The Broken HeartedMAN
Armstrong, KelleyThe Poisoner's RingARM
Lustbader, EricThe Quantum SolutionLUS
Parker, T. JeffersonThe Rescue : A NovelPAR
Henry, Patti CallahanThe Secret Book Of Flora Lea : A NovelHEN
Cypher, SarahThe Skin And Its Girl : A NovelCYP
Lauren, ChristinaThe True Love ExperimentLAU
Ardone, Viola 1974-The Unbreakable Heart Of Oliva Denaro : A NovelARD
Conroy, Pat.The Water Is Wide : A MemoirCON
Hillerman, Anne 1949-The Way Of The BearHIL
Steel, DanielleThe Wedding Planner : A NovelSTE
Steel, DanielleThe Wedding Planner : A NovelQR STE
Whishaw, Iona 1948-To Track A TraitorWHI
Whishaw, Iona 1948-To Track A TraitorQR WHI
Clark, Mary HigginsWhere Are The Children?CLA
Jackson, JoshilynWith My Little Eye : A NovelJAC