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About Us

Board of Trustees

J.T. Laird, Treasurer
Calvin Struyk, Vice Chair
Ted Pellegrino, Trustee
Kara Weeber, Trustee
Christina Holmes
Pearl Franko
James Cordeiro, City of Terrace Representative

Pearl Franko

Pearl Franko

Originally from Ontario, Pearl has lived in Terrace since 2019. She is a retired Public Health nurse, spending these days as an avid gardener and bridge player.

Calvin Struyk

Calvin Struyk has been a resident of Terrace for over 30 years, is married and raised four children. He has been active in Terrace's legal community for almost 30 years and participates in legal education activities, coaching and other organizations. His family particularly enjoys the outdoor opportunities and organized sport activities available in the northwest.

JT Laird

Born and raised in Terrace, JT realized what a special community Terrace is and decided to move back from Vancouver after completing his university education. He promptly began his career as Chartered Professional Accountant with experience now spanning public and government sectors.

JT believes deeply in the value of education and that it should be accessible to everyone. The library plays a critical role in enabling community members to access a variety of beneficial and educational resources.

Outside of work and volunteering you will find JT woodworking in his shop, or adventuring with his wife and 2 dogs somewhere in the wild with their tent and mountain bikes.