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About Us


The first library was established in Terrace in 1929. It was located in several locations over the years until it found its permanent home in 1967 at its present location in Lower Little Park.

The library is operated by the Board of Trustees of the Terrace Public Library Association and funded through grants from the City of Terrace, the Regional District of Kitimat-Stikine and the Government of British Columbia.

The Killer Whale design is carved into a rock at Kitselas Canyon on the Skeena River near Terrace. It is believed that the stone drawing or petroglyph is 10,000 years old and predates contemporary native settlement by approximately 50 centuries.

Special thanks to the Kitselas band for permission to use the Killer Whale design as our logo.

Mission and Vision

A safe place to learn stuff (neat stuff!)

The Terrace Public Library is a safe and welcoming environment that fosters a love of reading and life-long learning, beginning with our youngest members.

As a key community space, the Terrace Public Library's core mandate is to provide access to information and knowledge, both written and electronic.

We seek to inspire the spirit of exploration, the joy of reading, and the pursuit of knowledge for people of all ages and backgrounds, beginning with the very young. Our ultimate vision is of a literate citizenry, transforming and enriching lives through knowledge and information.

Our vision centers on creating a welcoming and safe space for cultural, personal and intellectual enrichment, delivering a wide-range of programs that entertain and inspire;celebrate our diverse cultures, communities and people; and,support lifelong learning, reading and enjoyment.

Board Information

The Terrace Public Library board, management and staff accept a collective responsibility and accountability for the effective management and stewardship of library resources and for the overall quality of library services offered to the people of Terrace and surrounding communities.

It is made up of nine elected community volunteers, one representative appointed by city council and one representative appointed by the regional district. The nine elected trustees sit on the board for two year terms. A member is eligible for re-election or re-appointment, but no member may serve for more than eight consecutive years. Board members must be residents of Terrace, Thornhill, or designated Library service areas and must be over the age of 18.