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What happens when I'm late returning my items?

The Library charges fines for overdue materials:

Adult materials - $0.30/day (Max. $5.00 per item)
Children's materials - $0.20/day (Max. $2.00 per item)
Adult Music - $0.50/day (Max. $5.00 per item)
Junior Music - $0.25/day (Max. $5.00 per item)
Games (Board/Video) - $1/day (Max. $5.00 per item)
Library of Things - $1/day (Max. $5.00 per item)
All Home Videos (DVDs) - $0.50 per day (Max. $5.00 per item)

Fines must be paid down to below $5.00 in order to take out additional library items.

If you do not return your items the Library may refer your account to a collection agency.

Where can I return my library items?

You may return your items to any public library in British Columbia or to the North West Community College Library. Items returned to another library will be checked in when they arrive at the Terrace Library. 

How long may I borrow library items?

Books and magazines - 4 weeks
Holiday books - 2 weeks
Compact Discs - 2 weeks
DVDs - 3 days
Video Games - 7 days

How many items can I borrow at one time?

Patrons may borrow up to fifty items at any one time but there are limits on the number of items per format.

DVDs - 3 per card
Audio books - 5 per card
CDs - 6 per card
Video Games - 3 per card