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Fines will accumulate until you either renew the item or return it. Max fines are $25 for Adult Patrons & $10 for Junior Patrons.

1) Renew Online

As long as your fines are under $5.00 and the item isn't from a distant library, this is a great option. Click "Log In" at the top of this page. You'll be taken to the Accounts page, where you can sign in. Below is a list of all steps involved.

2) Phone TPL

You can call us at 250-638-8177. Be sure to have your library card handy, because we will ask for it! This is a great option if you wish to renew an item that's well past its due date, has run out of renewals, or has come from a different library.

3) Visit the Library

Of course, if you're already in town, you can just stop on by. You don't need to bring the items in question, but you will need either your library card or some ID to verify your account. We're happy to help!