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You can now print our Library Card Registration Form at home and bring it into the library with your ID to get a library card. Check out our FAQs in the list below for more information, or contact the library directly.


What do I need to get a Library Card?

 If you live in the Terrace area (or our service area), you will need a piece of government issued ID with your name and current mailing address.  Your mailing address should be from our service area. (Full list of accepted IDs available here)  (List of our service area available here.)

Does my Membership cost anything?

If you live in our service area a library card is free as it is covered by municipal taxes. If you live outside of our service area you may pay $12.50 for 3 months or $50 for one year. 

Does my membership need to be renewed?

 Yes, it expires every 3 years. To renew your membership please bring in your library card and we will check that your account information is up to date. If your address has changed in the last three years, please bring a copy of your ID to verify the change. 

How old do I have to be to get a Library Card?

Library cards are available to you no matter what your age. If you are 15 years or older you can get a card with your own ID. If you are 14 years & under, you must have a parent (or guardian) present with their ID. 

What happens if I lose my library card?

If the card is returned to the library we try to contact you and we hold the card until you come in to claim it. ID must be presented to retrieve your lost card. If you lost your card but it has not been returned to the library, we can replace your card (with a fee of $1.00). Once you have gotten your replacement card, your old library card number will not be active. 

 I forgot my library card, can I still take items out?

Yes, but you need to show us a piece of ID and then we can access your account.

What happens to the Registration Sheet with my information?

Once the information has been verified, forms with personal information are shredded by a staff member. Your privacy is important to us, therefore no one other than a staff member will see your account information. 

What does “Hold Notification” Mean?

 Hold Notification refers to how we contact you when you have requested an item that is available to pick-up. We have three ways we can contact you: phone, email or text message. We keep these items for one week from the notification date. If you have selected the E-mail option, please be aware that emails may initially appear in your Junk/Spam folder. 

I have an overdue item, what do I do?

 Return the book or bring in your library card and we will renew it at the front desk, or give us a call. As long as your fines are under $5.00 you can also renew online. Fines will accumulate until you have either renewed the item or returned it. Max fines are $25 for Adult Patrons & $10 for Junior Patrons. 

I have fines on my account can I still take items out?

 As long as your account is in good standing, which means your fines under $5.00 with no lost or damaged items.

I don’t have a Terrace (or area) address and I would like to get a library card, may I?

If you have a library card from another library in BC we may use that card to register you at TPL. You may have to fill out a registration form and present your ID if you are not from one of the libraries listed below. If you do not have a Library Card you can purchase a membership. ($12.50 for three months or $50.00 for one year.)

I have a Library Card from the library in Smithers, can I use it here?

 Yes, you can use your card from the following libraries without filling out a registration form. –Kitimat, Prince Rupert, Smithers, Stewart, Houston, Hazelton. 

Can I return items that I have checked out at TPL at the Smithers library?

Yes, if you are unable to return them to TPL you can return our items to most public libraries in BC and they will be mailed back to us.

Can I use my Library Card to access the internet at TPL?

Yes, to use one of our public computers, you would enter your library card number as your user name and you last name as your password. This gives you access to one hour a day; the library also has password free public wifi. 

How can I extend the due date on the items that I have check out?

 You have three ways to renew. You can call us at 250-638-8177, or come into the library (no need to bring the item your library card is enough) or you can renew online.

How do I renew online?

 Go to www.terracelibrary.ca [will insert link], Click on the link for “Catalogue & Your Account”. Click on “My Account” in the top right hand corner. Sign in using your library card number as your user name and the last four digits as your password. You can change each of these once you have signed in for the first time.) Next you click on “Items Checked Out”. Then you select the item or items you wish to renew. Once the selected items have a check mark click “Go” (by the renew selected titles). If the item has renewed it will say “Successfully renewed 1 item(s)”. If there is a problem, please contact TPL and a staff member will be happy to assist you.

What if I forget my pin or it does not work?

Call or come to the library and staff will reset your pin to the last 4 digits of your library card number. If you have changed the pin yourself before, staff is unable to view the change but we can reset it for you. 

What is my email used for?

 Your email is used for hold notification (should you choose), overdue item reminders, hold cancellations or account expiry reminder.

I have a lost or damaged item can I check out items?

 No, lost books must be paid for or returned before any other items can be taken out. Damaged items must be paid for or replaced.