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These pictures were sent to us by Allan Brunsden who was stationed in Prince Rupert during World War II. Opening ceremonies of the Skeena River Highway September 4, 
1944 held in Terrace B.C. at Riverside Park
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1 Convey midway between Prince Rupert and Terrace stopped for comfort break.
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2 Massed Band playing at Riverside Park at opening of highway September 4, 1944.
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3 Four Band Masters Don Buchan, Guy Noakes, Al Manning and Delmonte.
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4 C.P.O. Noakes leading the massed band with W.O. Dalmonte plays trumpet solo.
Allan Brunsden 

Re: request Legion Magazine 

I was not stationed in Terrace during the war, but I was in the Canadian Navy stationed at H.M.C.Si Chatham in Prince Rupert. This may or may not be of interest to you. 

In 1944? The Skeena River Highway was built and opened and for the opening ceremonies a troop convoy of 
Army and Navy travelled from Prince Rupert to Terrace for the opening. In the convoy was the Navy Band (which I was a member) two Canadian Army Bands and one U.S. Army Band. 

In Terrace a massed band concert was put on by the four bands in a open field or park, which I assume was 
part of the Army Base. 

There are four pictures I am enclosing for your consideration,. 
Picture #1    The convoy mid way between Prince Rupert and Terrace for a comfort break. 
Picture #2    The massed bands playing the concert in the field and I assume it is Army Barracks in the background. 
Picture #3    The four Bandmaster whose bands, took part : 
L to R       Don Buchan, Sault Ste.Marie & Sudbury, Regt. Guy Noakes, H.M.C.S Chatham, Pr. Rupert 
Al Manning, U.S.A. Fort Band 
?   Delamonte, Can. Army Band. 
Picture #4    C.P.O. Noakes leading the massed bands while W.O. Delamonte plays a trumpet solo. 
Hope this little bit of info is useful to you, and if more is needed I would be pleased to pass along. 
Good luck and best wishes on your 80th. anniversary. 
I am a member of Br461 in Brantford Ontario. 


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