Stuart and Dobbie's Landing
by Bonnie Larson

David Stuart, his wife, Jane Smith Stuart and girls moved to Copper River in 1889 from Port Essington. Their daughters Mary and Jemima were born in Port Essington and Janet and Priscilla at Copper River.

The Stuart family had a farm there and a Riverboat Landing (Stuart Landing). They supplied products and cordwood to the Riverboats.

Simeon Wilson Dobbie arrived at Lorne Creek as an employee of the New York Mining Syndicate which was opening up operations in the area in 1898.

He married Jemima Stuart in Vancouver, December 1905. He and Jem lived at Graveyard Point which was a little west of the Shames River. Sim Dobbie worked for two years as a telegraph operator at Graveyard Point.

It was in December 1907 they moved to Kitselas Canyon, by canoe, where

Mr. Dobbie was the telegraph operator. It was just at the start of Kitselas Town, at the foot of the canyon, the Indian village was at the head of the canyon. The Durhams lived on their farm betweem the tunnels.

The Dobbies lived at Kitselas for six months , then moved to Copper River, where they remained. They purchased part of the Stuart property , and the Landing which was first called Stuart Landing became Dobbie Landing.

Simeon and Jemima had 10 children, Edna, Charles, Alberta, Wilson, Delia, Edwin, George, Henry, Roberta and an infant girl. Bertie, Mrs. James Hanna and Roberta, Mrs. Carl Muller still live in Terrace.

Dobbie Homestead on the north side of the Skeena River
across from the Copper River

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