The World's Three Largest Cedar Poles


This giant cedar pole was logged outside of Terrace from McGillis and Gibbs. It stood over 200 feet in the woods. After it was topped and butted it measured 165'8". It with two other poles all well over 140' went to New York where they stood on display then the giant pole was used for a bridge span. Art Wagner is hand peeling the world record cedar pole. Notice Art's initials on the butt of the pole. Click here to learn more about Art Wagner prepared by his daughter Hazel Hamilton (Wagner).



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Horace Vance and Pete Smyth Trucking (V&S) hauled the pole into Terrace to the McGillis and Gibbs lot.

Here is an exerpt from the Terrace Standard 1969 about the record poles.

Terrace Cedar Pole Capital

World Record. Longest pole in the country. The forest giant which was estimated to be well over 200' tall was felled by Paul Salversberg and Ben Buehrmann, who also brought down previous record poles earlier this same year. The record shattering pole that came out of the Meadow Creek area, on the Columbia Cellulose TFL#1, fourty miles up the Nass Road. Fred Bass, superintendent for Skoglund logging, spotted the giant pole in the woods. Credit for hauling the giant pole into Terrace went to V&S trucking and driver Pete Smyth.

Pole was loaded onto the truck by Lane Skead and Bob Bennett with V&S crane. The giant cedar pole was hauled into Terrace to the MacGillis and Gibbs lot. Later loaded onto four CN flat cars possibly five to manouever as flat cars are approximately 52' long. The giant cedar pole was shipped to the MacGillis and Gibbs Brighton Minneapolis. plant (where the pole peeler Art Wagner was born). It was treated with preservatives then shipped to New York where it stood in the Hudson River supporting lines across the river allowing big ships to pass underneath.

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