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Local History

What is the Terrace Collection?

The Terrace Collection houses resources that contain significant information about our Service Area. This includes Terrace, Thornhill, and Kitselas Canyon. The Terrace Collection also focuses on materials about the Tsimshian and Nisga'a.Our collection contains materials that focus on our service area. Many other materials mention our area in passing; they are kept in the General Collection rather than the Terrace Collection.

How do I search for material that’s just in the Terrace and/or Stan Rough Collections?
Just type "Terrace Collection" or "Stan Rough" into our catalogue search and you'll have access to a list of all the materials in those collections.

What is the Stan Rough Collection? Is it separate from the Terrace Collection?
All of the materials in the Stan Rough Collection were donated by Stan Rough, former resident of Terrace. The Stan Rough Collection is kept beside the Terrace Collection, but is considered a part of it.

Can I take borrow material from the Terrace and/or Stan Rough Collection?
Unfortunately, we cannot allow patrons to take Terrace and/or Stan Rough Collection materials out of the library. Many of our items in the Terrace Collection are out-of print as well as being very delicate. By keeping them here at the library we're able to take proper care of them and ensure that they will last a long time. Many of the materials in our Terrace Collection have copies in the General Collection; these copies can be borrowed by library patrons.

Can I photocopy material in the Terrace Collection?
The items in the Terrace Collection are very  heat- and light-sensitive. We do not permit them to be photocopied, but you may take a photo if you disable the flash.

Why does the library maintain material in the Terrace and Stan Rough Collection that has politically incorrect language?
One of the aims of the Terrace Collection is to provide a wide range of historical perspectives. What is politically incorrect now may not have been at the time. It is important to understand how people's views have changed.

Do you have maps or plans of the area?

We do not have maps or plans in the Terrace Collection, but you can ask someone about our Maps and Reference Collection.

Do you have old photographs?
Yes, we have a number of old photographs which are available for viewing online here. Photo albums of our archived holdings are available for viewing in library only.

Can I donate to the Terrace Collection?
The Library will consider all items that have historical significance in our Service Area for placement in the Terrace Collection. Donated materials become a permanent part of our collection and will not be returned to you. If you have any special instructions or wishes, let us know before donating and we will do our best to accomodate them.

Do you have books by local authors?

We are proud to have many books by local authors focusing on a wide variety of topics. They are included in our Terrace Collection and many have copies in our General Collection.