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More Family Fun!

Outdoor Scavenger Hunt Fun

Go outside! Find these 20 objects on your walk:

  1. 5 different types of leaves
  2. Something yellow
  3. Something fuzzy
  4. A V shape in a tree
  5. A flower
  6. Something smooth
  7. Something as big as your hand
  8. Something that you only use outdoors
  9. Something with numbers (not a clock)
  10. Something as tall as you
  11. A feather
  12. A “y” shaped twig
  13. A pinecone
  14. Something natural and blue
  15. A heart-shaped rock
  16. Something to recycle
  17. 3 black birds
  18. A dog on a leash
  19. An insect
  20. An animal track

Design a Mini Golf Course

Gather your supplies:

  • 1 small ball
  • Cardboard and a stick or tube to make a golf club
  • Tape
  • Non–breakable cups or other containers
  • Tubes
  • Books for ramps
  • Stuffed animals or anything else that would make a good obstacle - be creative!

Set up and test your course then challenge your family to a game!

Find that Sock!

Gather your supplies: several pairs of clean socks!

For 2 or more players- One person will be the “sock monkey” who will set the game up by hiding the socks. Take turns being the sock monkey!

Game 1 - Sock Seek: The “sock monkey” hides one of each pair of socks (one pair or more per player) somewhere in the house. The other sock partners are put in a bag or pillow case. Each player chooses a sock and their job is to find its partner.

Like competition? Use a timer (who can find their sock pair the fastest) or hide more socks than players and the person that finds the most, wins!

Game 2 - Sock Concentration: The “sock monkey” hides all the socks, making sure that the pairs are split up. Once a player finds one sock, they get another turn to find its mate. If they find a sock that doesn’t match, they hide the sock back where they found it and it is the next person’s turn.

There’s a New Chef in Town

Plan and help create a healthy meal. Be creative and have fun! Will it be breakfast, lunch or dinner? Will it have an appetizer, salad, or dessert?

Look up a recipe online or from a favourite family cookbook. Use your Library card to access more cooking ideas: e-books with Library To Go or e-magazines with RB Digital.

Don’t forget to set the table. And remember…those that cook don’t have to clean up!

Build a Nook, Read a Book

Make a FORT and READ in it! Inside or outside!

List of potential supplies:

  • Blankets, pillows, towels, sheets, sleeping bags, camping mat, cardboard, chairs
  • Long sticks – broom, rake, shovel, fallen branches
  • String, bungee cords, rope, elastics, clips
  • snacks, stuffies,
  • ...and a BOOK of course!

A Plot with Pebbles

Gather your supplies: Go for a walk and collect some smooth stones not too big and not too small. You will need small paintbrushes, white glue or Mod Podge, and scissors.

Choose small pictures from magazines or printed images from online that will fit on your stones. You can look for pictures to go with a story that you know or just choose pictures you like.

Carefully cut out these pictures and put glue both underneath and overtop to attach it to your stone. Allow to dry completely.

Game Ideas:

Put the stones in a bag and pull out three. These will be your story’s beginning, middle, and end. Choose the order and tell your story.

Play a story telling game with a friend! Lay all of the stones face down and choose one to start the story. The next player chooses a stone and adds to the story’s plot.

Draw a picture as a background scene and use your stones to illustrate. Play out a story with the stones using the background.

Design a Paddle Boat

Gather your supplies: Cardboard, pen, scissors, duct tape, rubber band.

No duct tape? Make this boat out of something that is already waterproof like a milk jug.

Cut out a house shape with a square door. Save that cut-out square to use as a paddle. You will need to trim it a little bit smaller once you cut it out so that it will flip around easily. Cover your entire boat with duct tape. Cover the paddle with duct tape, making sure it’s still small enough to flip in the space once it has tape around it. The tape is to make your boat waterproof.

If water gets to the cardboard, your boat won’t last long!

Wrap an elastic band around the boat and place the paddle square between the band. To make your boat go, wind the paddle in the band and hold on to it. Put it in the water and watch it go! You could have races in the bathtub or outside in a water filled plastic tote. Use a timer and see how fast you can go. Try making different sizes or altering the shape. Does one boat go faster than another?

Budding Cartographers

Gather your supplies: Paper, pencil, pencil crayons, felt markers.

If you have little people – start small. Begin by mapping your place setting at the table. It will help kids understand that maps represent real places, and they show where things go. Use a large piece of paper and have kids trace around their plate, cup, cutlery, etc. Use it for your next meal as a placemat and have kids set the table!

Next help them to map their room. Talk about a “bird’s eye” perspective. They could mark where the doors and windows are, closet, book shelves, bed and dressers. Maybe this activity will spark a room rearrangement?

You could ramp it up and try mapping your house. It could be your current floor plan, or for the advanced designers- a dream house complete with candy rooms and an indoor pool! Take yourselves outside and map the backyard. It could easily turn into a treasure map! Kids could hide something and mark it on the map for their family to find.

Click the pictures below for more mapping inspiration!

Marble Mania

Choose your supplies: Marbles, (or find something round that rolls), paper tubes, cardstock paper, funnels, pool noodles, paper plates, wooden blocks, milk cartons, cardboard, masking tape, popsicle sticks, shoe box lid, cereal box, plastic cups, and MORE!

You could use a door, wall or fridge to secure everything to, or make your game from a cereal or shoe box lid. Enjoy the testing process– you may need to adjust your run many times to get the perfect angle for the marble to roll. Invite your family to test your design. Be creative!

Click the pictures below for ideas to inspire your marble run.

Gaming of a Different Sort

Gather your supplies: Paper or cardboard, felt markers, air clay pieces or other objects that you have around the house that can be used as game pieces, cards #1-6 or a die, (you can make a die with air clay), to move your pieces forward.

Extras - post it notes, coloured paper, stickers, pictures from magazines, washi tape or other for decorating. Use a piece of cardboard from a cereal box etc. as your board. You can tape two pieces together to make a larger playing surface.

Point A to B Game: Create a path from one end to the other using any kind of shape. You will want these shapes to be big enough to write in. Think of a “theme” for your game (space, pets, race track, magic or anything you like).

Choose some of the spaces to include actions such as “go back two spaces”, “miss a turn”, “take an extra turn”, “roll/draw again”. You can match your actions to your game theme.

Collecting Game: Create a circle path instead of moving from one end of the board to another. On some of the spaces include actions such as “collect two” or “put back three”.

If you choose this game style you will need a number of things to collect. They could be all of the same thing or all different things. Put these things in the middle of the circle path.

Keep rolling the die (or drawing number cards) and taking turns until all of the things are gone. Whoever ends up with the most, wins!

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