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Click the book, sit back and watch this story, (run time 7.5 min). Snappsy the Alligator (Did Not Ask to Be in this Book) is written by Julie Falatko and read by David Harbour.

Bookmarks that Bite

Never lose your place in your book again! This very simple origami project is a great introduction to following paper folding directions in a video format.

Using a (6” or so) square piece of paper follow along in this tutorial to make a bookmark that bites. Decorate with big eyes and sharp teeth!

Chicken Dance

This dance was composed in Switzerland and was originally known as the “duck dance”. It’s a silly catchy jig and you can learn how to do it in under a minute!

Make a beak shape with your hand, put thumbs in your armpits and flap your elbows (like they are wings) bend your knees and twist, then clap along!

How to Draw Snappsy

Learn to draw Snappsy in 2.5 minutes! If you can draw hot dogs in a variety of sizes, circles, dots, lines, small hills, rectangles and triangles you’re good-to-go to draw Snappsy!

How to Perform a Story

Michael Rosen shares some tips for kids on how to perform poems and stories. He endorses trying sound effects, changing the speed of your speech, altering your tone of voice and word emphasis, and he fully approves being silly and losing yourself in the performance!

Click here to explore how to perform a story.

Create Your Own Reader's Theatre

OK kids- your turn to be a narrator! Choose a favourite picture book and round up your family to act out the characters as you read it out loud.

Write a Story…Narrated by Your Shoe

You just lost your shoes. Or so you think. But it turns out your shoes aren’t lost. They’re just hiding, because each day when you go to school, your shoes come to life. What does a day in the life of a shoe look like? How do they spend their time? What do they do for fun? What types of hobbies do shoes have? Where do they go? How do they transform your home into their world? Do they have their own media? Perhaps . . . Shoe Tube?

Do they have their own language? Perhaps squeaking? And if so, do they create their own music? What hidden dangers do they face? What is each shoe’s personality like?

Now think about it. Where are your shoes hiding? And why? Now, tell this story from the perspective of your shoes.

Here’s another fun writing idea: Watch the story Journey, by Aaron Becker. As you watch the story of this wordless book unfold, think about how you would add words to narrate what’s happening! Match your text to the pictures and have fun with it, there’s no right or wrong way to do this.

Rainbow Kabobs

This is a fruity favourite! Match the colours of the rainbow to fruit, and order them on a wooden skewer. Survey your family- which colour has the best flavour?

Inside a Music Teacher’s Shoes

We have partnered with Uplands Elementary music teacher, Robin Hollett. Click the picture to hear her share a song and play the ukulele, xylophone, and contrabass. She’s even got some jokes! Here’s Ms. Hollett and her friends Pete the cat, Josi and Annie.