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(Aug 16 - 28)

She was at the Senior's exercise area in George Little Park!

(Aug 3 - 14)

Keys, notebook, yellow book, wheel, bunny ears, bookworm, dog eyes, dog bone, striped pants, buttons, dirty pants, pencil, glasses, camera, lizard on hat, spots on jacket collar, bee, shoe.
We found K'oom at the Skeena Model Railway Association on the Millenium Trail!

(July 19 - 31)

"Guess the key and win a cookie!" by Sky, Age 7
We found K'oom at TORCA's Pump Track!

(July 5 - 17)

"Hey look, it's a little thing mo bob..." by Manny, Age 5

"Ooooo, look snappy! I bet it's filled with lots of jewelry, or maybe a biscuit for you!!" by Jaylan, Age 8

"Hey Bruno, what do you think this cube is for?" by Aliyah, Age 7

We found K'oom! She was on Howe Creek Trail, below the carving of the eagle's nest.