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Terrace Summer Reading Club

July 19 - 31

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Read, read & read! Books, e-books, magazines, graphic novels, online stories, newspapers, whatever you like. Read to a pet, a friend or grown up, have them read to you, it all counts!

Record your daily reading in the Reading Tracker booklet from your Summer Reading Club (SRC) registration package. Colour in the daily dots and add a sticker to the game board square at the end of every week you read. Write about your favourite book each day. If you didn't finish it all, tell us how many pages or chapters you got through.

At the end of Summer Reading Club, kids with 7 weeks of daily reading earn a Summer Reading Club medal!

Come to the front desk at the Library! Junior investigators can end up with a lot of keys. Pick up a kit this week and get organized!

Art + Oven = Creative Keychain!

Crack the case at Heritage Park! Take part in this self-guided family activity to solve the case of the missing logs on site at Heritage Park.

Open hours at the Museum are Tuesday through Saturday, 11:00AM - 5:30PM.

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Oh no! K'oom is at it again! While hot on the trail of a suspect in her latest case, she accidentally got lost.

Can you help us find her?

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It didn't take long for the detective to solve the mystery at the bakery...

It was a piece of cake!

Misadventure at the Lighthouse

When presented with a puzzling disappearance, how will Annie and her friends solve the mystery and save the day? Read the story, follow the clues, and help them crack this case.

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