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Ski Passes

Thanks to a partnership between My Mountain Co-op and the public libraries in Terrace, Kitimat, and Prince Rupert, library patrons can now borrow day passes for Shames Mountain to enjoy a day of skiing or snowboarding. Implementation may vary among the three libraries – patrons of Kitimat and Prince Rupert are encouraged to contact those libraries.

The Terrace Public Library will offer four full-day passes available for every operating day for the rest of this winter season.

In order to equitably distribute the passes, each patron will be limited to 1 ski pass per month for each card. This means you will need a library card for each patron in your ski group. If you have permission to use their card, you may pick up the pass on their behalf.

For example, a parent could use their card and their child’s card for two passes. Or a wife can use her card and, if her husband has given permission, she could use his card to pick up a ticket for him.

Passes will be available on a first-come, first-served basis. Holds will not be allowed.

New passes for the next month will be announced on Facebook (usually a week before the month begins).

Important Details