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 Monday1 pm - 5 pm
Tuesday - Saturday10 am - 5 pm

Come and pick up your SRC Package!

As the Library building is not open to the public, we have created special collection times for families to pick up SRC Reading packages. Pickups are between 3:30-4:30pm at the front doors of the Library.

Please choose which day you'd like to come in. If you don't believe you can make it during any of these times, you can choose for us to reach out to you instead!

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Be assured all summer long we are adhering to safe distancing protocols during pick ups.

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As in past years, we will have weekly programs that families can sign up for. These programs include:

There will also be weekly contests for SRC members and chances to win prizes. This website will be updated each week with challenges, curated web links for families to explore, STEM projects, crafts and fun things to learn.

The BCSRC site also has weekly at home activities and ways to track your daily reading online. In addition to participating at the Terrace Public Library, families may also join the Provincial online program.

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Your involvement with your child’s reading can help make the Summer Reading Club at your library a successful and exciting adventure! Here are some ideas to help make the SRC all that it can be for your child:
  • Establish a regular time for reading in your home for all members of the family.
  • Help your child to set a realistic goal for summer reading. This may be reading for at least fifteen minutes every day; reading a certain number of books; or exploring books on a particular topic of interest to your child. Try to encourage a goal that will challenge the child but not be so ambitious that reading becomes a chore.
  • Offer to share stories at bedtime or as dinner conversation.
  • Encourage your child to share their favourite stories with you.
  • Show genuine interest in the stories or programs your child discovers during the summer.
  • Appreciate all books your child selects, even the ones that look "too easy". Summer is a time for fun, after all, and you can always guide your child to a more challenging book the next time you visit the library.
  • Read to your child. Even if children can read themselves, they still enjoy hearing good stories read to them. Readers in the early grades can understand far more advanced vocabulary and complex stories than they are able to read - it helps their reading later if you continue to read to them.
  • Encourage older children to read aloud to younger children or to you as you do chores.
  • Read yourself! Make sure your child knows that you enjoy reading too. There is nothing like a good role model.
Take your children to the local public library to choose books or to attend Summer Reading Club programs. Many children appreciate going with friends - ask your child to invite a friend or two.

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The BC SRC online program also has weekly at-home activities and ways to track your daily reading online.

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Each registered member is given an SRC Package which includes a reading record to log book titles they read throughout the summer and a collector's bookmark. It has an instruction sheet, information about how the weekly family programs are being run this year, and what to expect online for more fun!