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3D Printer

Want to learn from home and get certified on your own time? You can read the class hand-out right here.

A Lesson in 3D Printing!

Looking to get certified? We try to host a workshop on Thursday nights (and we're planning one soon, watch this page!). If you can't make it, or one isn't yet scheduled, there's another way:

Read the class handout on your own and take the online quiz! Then call us and book a time for either Wednesday or Thursday night. You'll come in and demonstrate your knowledge by handling a print job all on your own. Once finished that, you will be certified.


3D Printing

Thanks to the generous donation of Dr. Colleen Froese, the library can offer 3D printing services to local artists and the general public. The Ultimaker 3 is an industrial model, intended for high-end consumer prints. Using any 3D software, you can make any software model come to life!

Because the hardware is a bit difficult to use, we ask that library patrons become certified before booking the 3D printer for any custom work.

General Catalog

The general catalog is open to all patrons, featuring an array of small decorative items that you can print and take home!

You can browse, download, and examine each item in a 3D environment of your choice!

Printed Items

Here are some of the items made by patrons over the years. Click here!